Alexander Technique in Victoria

restoring good Use of the Self

 Use of the Self

We start life with precise neuromuscular mechanisms in place.  Each action we take initiates a delicate and constant interplay between the systems and subsystems that make up our neuromuscular self. 

This well organized state allows us to move along the ground, gather information through our senses about our environment and respond to these stimuli in an increasingly organized way.

Eventually we learn how to keep the dynamic organization of balance needed to function as a biped.  We approach this new world with exuberant exploration and experimentation.

When these processes are left to work the way nature intended them to, our good "Self Use" leads to a state of function that benefits the whole Self.  Unfortunately over time most of us develop habits that interfere with this balance. 

This poor use leads to poor overall function, a less integrated state and loss of our natural poise.  Symptoms can arise that we become conscious of such as pain, immobility or mental distress.

Alexander Technique lessons restore good use of the self leading to better health, poise and well-being.


Yew Street Studio

I am lucky to live right beside Beacon Hill park and the ocean.  Take time to enjoy a glorious walk and maybe a coffee in Cook street village.