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     Alexander technique classes have been a life changing educational journey for me over the past 6 years. One that has led to more bodily comfort, pain relief and increased poise. Lene seems to know almost magically where you need to work but is quick to explain the theory of your movements and with a gentle manner steer you away from old habits and towards proper use. With straight forward purpose Lene's dedication to her work comes through in all she does. She lives and breathes the Alexander Technique and sets an impeccable example of good body use, being in the moment and aware. I have learned much about my body's anatomy and it's healthy movement & healing responses and how to shift patterns of misuse that have resulted in pain and discomfort.

Over the years I've been through surgeries for breast & uterine cancer and a car accident. Lene has been an objective, calm teacher through the storms, guiding me through my bodies responses to trauma and with each session easing me back to a safe place. Who knew a body could hold onto fears and create such discomfort and what a blessing to find relief and a way through these patterns to a healthier way of being in the world! I am so grateful to have found the Alexander Technique and Lene and look forward to continued classes together as we navigate the years. 

Caryl-Lee....government employee and artist


     I had a car accident in my 20s, and then one in my 30s.  I walked away from both without a scratch, thinking I was fine.  But over the next twenty years my body became less flexible, my movements more restricted, and my shoulders more hunched.  I attributed this to age, bad posture and lack of exercise.  In addition, I became increasingly short tempered, impatient and antisocial.  My boss began referring to my “mental health issues”.  It never occurred to me that it was the car accidents catching up with me. By my late forties I had to admit something was seriously wrong, but it was difficult because I continued to look “normal” and healthy.   Until everything fell apart - my back gave out one day, and finally I had a diagnosis that everyone could understand:  two herniated discs and acute sciatica. I was off work for a year, unable to sit comfortably for more than a couple of minutes, unable to drive, and never sleeping more than two hours at a time. Cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture and water running all contributed to my improvement. But after about eight months, I plateaued.

 A friend suggested the Alexander Technique - always reminding me that Jeremy Irons was a fan - so I decided to try it.  After a few months with Lene, my body slowly but surely began to loosen up and relax.  She helped me coax my body out of the bad habits and holding patterns that had moved in after the accidents.   Even my hammer toes (which I had always blamed on poor shoe choices in my teens) are loosening up - a sign that tension is easing throughout my body.  I am back at work full time and continue to implement what Lene taught me into my day to day activities - from sitting, standing and walking, to reading, texting or brushing my teeth. I work with toddlers and marvel at how perfectly they use their bodies, with no extra fuss or bother.  They are my role models!

Kathryn..... Librarian


     I had a very good experience with Lene as my Alexander Technique practitioner. I am 68 yrs. old, have scoliosis & osteoarthritis.

 Lene showed me how to sit while reading & at the computer so I didn’t get sore. She showed me how to stand & walk and bend so I wouldn’t strain any muscles. I used to get severe neck tightness, lasting for months. That really was eased big time. I stopped doing certain exercises that were actually hurting my back & making my posture worse.

She retrained my brain to know what WAS an aligned state. When I first arrived she had me lie down & asked me if I thought I was lying straight. I said yes. She put a mirror over my body & my legs were off to one side. My brain thought that was normal.

I would recommend Lene to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and a nice person too.  The two years I went to her I didn’t have to see any chiropractors! Unusual for me.

 Leslee Tessman....North Vancouver


     I came to Lene Kroll and the Alexander Technique as a “treatment of last resort”.  I had reached the stage where my back pain was so great I couldn't stand in the cash-out line at the grocery store.  At age 68 I saw my near future in a wheel chair. 

By chance I came across a feature article in the Vancouver Sun entitled “Treatment of Last Resort for Back Pain”.   It dealt with the Alexander Technique and its practitioners in Vancouver, one of whom was Lene Kroll. I called her and began regular sessions almost immediately.  My short term goal was to get in good enough shape to go to Europe and walk its cobblestones within three months.  We made it.  

That was over 6 years ago.  Since then I have remained a regular client of Lene’s.  Sessions with her have helped me greatly with the aches and pains of normal aging, and the osteo-arthritis which is my family inheritance.  When I had to have a knee replacement a few years ago, the  neuro- muscular relaxation of the Alexander Technique was a natural complement to physiotherapy, both before and after the operation. I believe my recovery was faster because of this combination.

Now I begin each day with the mind / body awareness practice which is at the heart of Alexander.  I find my day is better for it.  I am now 75.  I trust that, with Lene and Alexander, I will have a healthy, flexible old age, full of movement and space.

Julia Gibson.....retired teacher


     I had poor posture with a head tilt and the accompanying pain my whole life due to an eye condition. After eye surgery, my body started trying to correct itself which led to more pain. 2 1/2 years of physiotherapy resulted in some improvement but extreme neck and shoulder tension still persisted as well as aches throughout the body. Essentially physiotherapy was aimed at muscling through the problem which I found too painful and created more tension.  I thought, if only I could figure out how to hold my head properly, I would be ok.

Well, there's a treatment for that and it's the Alexander Technique. If the Alexander Technique and especially Lene Kroll didn't exist, I don't know what I would have done. My pain and tension have been drastically reduced and I have more stamina to do the normal things in life. A friend once observed that I walked like a fridge with legs. That was exhausting and painful. Now, I'm light and graceful and have more energy. Lene taught be how to stand, sit, and walk with proper mechanics and generally be more aware and mindful of what the body is doing.

 I can use self care to alleviate pain on my own with what I've learned, but want to keep getting lessons indefinitely. I would still be seeing Lene Kroll if she were still in Vancouver. Her knowledge of the body, great communication skills and gentle manner make her an amazing teacher

Rosemary W. .......Vancouver student 2012 to 2015


"Lene is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. She is always well prepared for our lessons and willing to guide me through each step. I've learned much about how I use my body from Lene. The lessons have greatly improved my movement and relieved a lot of my neck and back pain. I would highly recommend Lene to anyone who is interested in learning Alexander Technique. She will help you to experience how your body can move with less effort and greater ease."

Sherry teacher



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