Alexander Technique in Victoria

restoring good Use of the Self

The Lesson

Certified Alexander Technique teachers have trained to develop a high standard of use of themselves, as well as keen observational skills.  As we look for patterns in speech, thought and movement, we also use our hands to monitor and respond to a student's actions and reactions at a kinesthetic level.  This way we can assess the whole pattern as well as the partial patterns of the student's use.

I work with you to help you gain an experience of effortless and efficient organization of the whole body during activity.  The lesson is not a passive treatment but a collaborative interaction.  Each student brings his or her unique experiences, conceptions and aspirations to the session.

The lesson lasts for around 40-50 minutes.  It involves movement and some work lying on a firm surface, so comfortable non-restrictive clothing works best, but is not essential. 

The number of lessons needed depends on the goals and skill level a person wants to attain.  The Alexander Technique is applicable to all activities and can benefit almost anyone.

Lesson Prices:   (see contact page)


F.M. Alexander giving lesson to small child

F.M. Alexander giving lessons to small boy