Alexander Technique in Victoria

restoring good Use of the Self

The Teacher

My first introduction to the Alexander Technique was in the early 80's.  It intrigued me, but not enough to take time out of my busy work and play schedule to take lessons.

By the early 90's I began to suffer the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury.  I couldn't understand why my body was giving me so much trouble when I exercised constantly and felt I was doing everything I could to stay strong and healthy.

I tried many different modalities and went to numerous specialists but nothing could stop the downward spiral.  Within a few years I was in so much pain that I couldn't work and spent most of my time lying down on the floor with heating pads worrying about how I was going to survive.

In my search for help I came upon the Alexander Technique for a second time.  Luckily there was a teacher within a few blocks of me!   With ongoing lessons I was able to start work again and approach my life with a different attitude.

The benefits kept accumulating and I was so impressed I decided to become a teacher.  Training involves at least three years of full time study (min. 1600 hrs) at an accredited school with no more than five students to one senior teacher.

My background includes almost nine years of professional training and university terms (plus many hours of specialty courses) in the fields of physiology, anatomy, pathology, sociology and psychology.  My 23 year work environment consisted of using this knowledge while working directly with medical specialists in the hospital environment.

 The Alexander Technique has given me a new perspective on my previous studies and a realization of how indivisible we really are.


lene kroll 

I feel extremely lucky to be teaching this self-management tool and strive to provide an environment of trust and cooperation within an atmosphere of adventure.