Alexander Technique in Victoria

restoring good Use of the Self

The Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander was born in Tasmania in 1869.  He developed his technique during the last decade of the 19th century and continued it's evolution after moving to London, England in 1904.  His reputation and practice quickly grew as did the need for teachers.  In 1931 he opened his first training course.  Alexander continued teaching until his death in 1955.  

It is a practical technique where a teacher helps the student to change maladaptive habitual response patterns to healthier more appropriate ones.  Instead of showing a student what to do in order to fix a symptom, the teacher focuses on what is going wrong and how to stop it.

The "Work" begins at the pre-motor level, in the space between stimulus and response.  It is here that old neural pathways can be abandoned and the new organizing stimuli from the teacher can be received in a calm objective way. 

Each lesson builds upon the last to promote the skill to act in a more conscious, reorganizing way to the stimuli of life.  New experiences are then gained that lead to constructive changes in the overall Use of the Self.

 Look for a properly trained and qualified CANSTAT certified Alexander Technique teacher.  There are only about 17 in all of B.C. and only 6 of those are on Vancouver Island.  You must have passed an intensive three year training course and be an accredited member of a Society of Alexander Technique teachers in order to be a teacher. 

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In that quiet space between stimulus and response, a more objective, reasoned and appropriate response becomes a possibility.